State Representative Greg Harris - Your 40th Ward Democratic Committeeman - Patrick O'Connor

gregharrisState Representative Greg Harris

I am writing to enthusiastically endorse you for election to another term as Democratic Committeeman of the 40th Ward. In the years that we have worked together you have fought tirelessly to improve our community, stand strong for the rights of working families, protect the interests of our seniors and retirees, strengthened our neighborhood schools and seen to the needs of the local businesses.

The 40th Ward Regular Democratic Organization has grown tremendously in influence and importance under your leadership and has continuously elected candidates who stand for the values of strong communities, strong families, diversity, inclusiveness and empowerment. Now more than ever when so many of these values are under attack from those who want you to turn back the clock and erode so much progress that you have lead the fight to win, we need your leadership and experience.

I look forward to many more years of working with you to make the 40th Ward a community that welcomes all and offers both old and new residents a wonderful place to thrive.

Very truly yours,

Gregory S. Harris
Representative, 13th District

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