Safe Neighborhoods - Your 40th Ward Democratic Committeeman - Patrick O'Connor

Safe Neighborhoods

safePat is a leader in fighting crime in our communities. Pat works closely with the police department and neighbors to make our neighborhoods safe for every family, senior citizen and child. The 40th Ward is home to the two lowest crime rate police districts in the city, but Pat knows our work is far from over. Pat supports retraining police officers from desk jobs to boots-on-the-ground patrols in high crime areas.

Pat led the fight for metal detectors in schools, launching a pilot program in our neighborhood that resulted in the confiscation of dangerous weapons, like knives and handguns, in public schools. The success of this program resulted in a citywide implementation of school metal detectors that keep our children safe each and every day.

When crime-infested motels drew crime, drugs and prostitution to the neighborhood, Pat led the effort to shut down and demolish the motels. With Pat’s help, the demolished motels were replaced with a garden, park, library and police station that now serve as safe places for children and families. Pat continues to work with police to monitor activity and enforce the law at remaining motels and will work with the city to shut down any motel that attracts crime in our neighborhoods.

Pat believes our neighborhoods are safer when law enforcement works hands-on in the community. When the State’s Attorney announced the creation of a community prosecution office for the purpose of outreach into the neighborhoods in Cook County, Pat found them space in the 40th Ward in a city owned facility on Western Ave. This unit has prosecuted many quality of life crimes and gives quick and local access to prosecutors. Pat supports strict gun control laws that keep dangerous weapons off of the streets and out of the hands of criminals.

Pat knows that we can’t fight crime through law enforcement alone. He supports after school programs at our schools and parks that keep youth out of gangs.

Please take some time to view this video about your Neighborhood Justice Office. One of the advantages of being in office for awhile is that you get to know how processes work so that unique services can be brought into our community. The Neighborhood Justice Office takes up and tries cases that are important to the community. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a major felony but can be anything that has a negative impact on our quality of life, for example someone who is caught destroying blocks with graffiti. This office and these prosecutors give us the ability to focus on cases we feel are important to us. As always please call my office 773.769.1140 with any questions. Thanks, Pat O’Connor.