• Thank you Everyone

    I want to thank everyone who came out to vote yesterday in the democratic primary election. If you were supportive of my bid for 40th Ward Committeeman, thank you. If you were not, I hope to gain your support in the coming months.

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    The election season saw greater participation in demographics in our community than ever before. It is our hope and task for the future to continue to engage the younger demographic that participated and to put that energy and enthusiasm to work for democratic candidates that are supportive of our community.

    With respect to the upcoming presidential election in November, regardless of which candidate you supported on March 15th, it looks like Hillary will be the nominee. It also appears that Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee. If you would like to volunteer to help ensure that Hillary Clinton is the next President of the United States, please contact us at voteforaldermanoconnor@gmail.com or 773-769-1100.

  • What is a Committeeman

    The thing which is great about being your Democratic Committeeman is that you can drive through our community and see the many things we have worked on together to improve our neighborhood. I take great personal satisfaction in knowing that everyday my goal is to make things better for the people who put their trust in me. This video explains how being your Democratic Committeeman works within the bigger picture of the political landscape. Continuing to be your Democratic Committeeman, I can make sure we acquire the funding and support needed to keep our community the great place it is. I really hope you can take the time to watch this video and see why it is important to come out and vote on March 15th. Thanks. Pat O’Connor

  • Neighborhood Justice Office

    Please take some time to view this video about your Neighborhood Justice Office. One of the advantages of being in office for awhile is that you get to know how processes work so that unique services can be brought into our community. The Neighborhood Justice Office takes up and tries cases that are important to the community. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a major felony but can be anything that has a negative impact on our quality of life, for example someone who is caught destroying blocks with graffiti. This office and these prosecutors give us the ability to focus on cases we feel are important to us. As always please call my office 773.769.1140 with any questions. Thanks, Pat O’Connor.