• Children: Public Art Project

    That mural was the work of students at Centro Romero, which is a social service agency geared predominantly towards Hispanic individuals with a variety of programing: anti violence, anti domestic violence, citizenship, tutoring for children, English as a second language, computer classes. It’s a really good resource for folks who live in our community. It’s located over on Clark Street just north of Granville.

    Centro Romero was seeking to do a public art project, and they came to me. We went to the railroad, and they gave us permission to put it up at Granville in Ravenswood. The Metra railroad and the Union Pacific, I introduced them to the work that Centro Romero has been doing in our community, and they have become a pretty much annual funder of Centro Romero.



    So that day we were not only honoring the children that did the mural, but we were also presenting them a check from the railroad to help subsidize the work that they did at Centro Romero.

    The individual from the railroad who speaks in the video, Adrian Guerrero , is a young man who went to Loyola Academy with some of my children. And when you get into the upper grades at Loyola, you have to go out into the community and do service for others as part of the Loyola training. So when Adrian was a junior or senior at Loyola he actually worked at and with Centro Romero as part of his service to others. And then when he went to the railroad as their intergovernmental guy, and I tried to introduce them to Centro Romero, I didn’t have to do much educating because he knew all about it.

    So we have been able to count on them for funds for the last several years on an ongoing basis. And they have increased it each year to try to be helpful. So it was a great day, and it’s a wonderful mural. But more importantly it was an opportunity to give more resources to Centro Romero’s cause.

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